Trans-Australian, a coast to coast expedition in wild Australia

For Australian natives, traveling is a ritual in memory of one’s ancestors. You voluntarily leave your clan without measuring time and without predicting a return.

The sacredness of the path is a path designed by nature where each of its forms is the only trace to follow along with the songs and dances that accompany this path. Only for the natives do these paths have a clear identity, they are “the ways of songs” where the signs generated in the Time of dreams find meaning with the words handed down, through songs and dances, from generation to generation.

The world of natives is complex and fascinating but it remains far from our eyes the only way to tune in is to be aware of it, our “walkabout” must not leave traces, a light breath in total respect along a path that only for natives it is spiritual.

A journey to discover a continent
Our journey is an itinerary in search of unique experiences, where the path is a stimulus for the traveler, designed to get in touch with the wild nature of Australia. The West Coast, the wild Kimberley region, the sandstone domes of the Bungle Bungle, Kakadu National Park, the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Center navel of the Australian OutBack and finally Sydney; a Trans-Australian woman who will allow us to explore this coast to coast continent on a three-week adventure.

The west coast with Perth on the banks of the Swan River between parks and botanical gardens, the worldliness of the port of Fremantle or the incredible beauty of the Pinnacles desert. An exploration of the wild Kimberley along a route of incredible beauty and fascinating mystery that links this land to the native population.

With an off-road vehicle we will start from the white beaches of Cable Beach in Broome and begin a long journey that will end in Darwin in the Northern Australia Territories. Deserts, canyons, rivers, caves, gorges and the incredible chain of Bungle Bungle Ranges, characterized by layers of orange and black rocks, in the Purnululu National Park, included among the World Heritage Sites.