5 Reasons To Visit Sydney’s Blue Mountains

The infamous Blue Mountains of Australia are a mountainous region located in New South Wales. Foothills of the region are 50 kilometers west of the capital. A blue Haze covers the whole of the mountain range and can be seen from afar hence giving it the name ‘Blue Mountains’.  One must visit these mountains when in Sydney. Here a number of reasons not to miss out on a tour to the Blue Mountains.

Jenolan Caves Tours

The Jenolan Caves located within the mountain range is one of the main highlights of the region. They are one of the oldest discovered open caves in the world. The network consists of 8 caves that have various calcite formations which adds to the beauty of the caves. In addition to these, the caves have a number of other attractions due to which it is quite popular among tourists. The main attractions include the river passing through the cave system, the blue lake, and the cuisines available within the caves.

The Wild Australian Adventure

The Mountain region provides the tourist with an opportunity to explore the wild and adventurous side of themselves. There are a number of outdoor adventure specialists that offer a range of exhilarating experiences in the Blue Mountains. They have an experienced team of qualified professional instructors who make sure of your safety. The activities include rock climbing, canyoning, and abseiling. Between the months of April and October, a two-day course is conducted where one can learn to survive in the wilderness.

The Explorer Bus

The Explorer Bus is a tour Bus which allows the visitors to move between the 29 different tourist attractions within the Blue Mountains. The major attractions on the tour include waterfalls, galleries, sightseeing locations, and many more stunning views. A handy guidebook filled with information related to the mountains and live commentary one can learn about the secret stories and hidden wonders in the region. You can select from a range of passes depending on our interests and budget.

Botanic Garden

To experience a cool climate one must visit The Blue Mountain Botanic Garden. The garden features a number of plants from all around the world and mostly from the southern hemisphere. The 28-hectare area is a beautiful and peaceful place to take a walk where you feel close to nature and the colorful plants are soothing to the human eye as well. The garden also holds exhibitions that feature local artwork.


Along with all the activities and gardens, the blue mountain tours sydney is also a great place for sightseeing. There are a number of points that are a must-see for every tourist. Some major sightseeing locations include the ‘Three Sisters’. It is an iconic formation and different stories are associated with the formation which themselves are quite interesting. Another location is the Echo Point lookout. It is located at the edge of the plateau which provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley. This point also leads to many pathways where you can experience nature closely.

So if you ever visit Sydney, missing out on a tour to the beautiful mountain range will surely be something you will regret later on.